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End of the School Year

As I record goodbye videos to my students from my back yard, I'm feeling emotional (as I always do at the end of the school year) but this time my emotions are centered around not being able to celebrate together, not being able to collectively feel relief and excitement about summer plans, pool time, a break from the daily routine, from schedules. Typically I would be looking forward to the extended time with my family, a time to recharge and be creative... But this time around we're already in the middle of an extended break, our annual camping plans are iffy at best, and considering I keep forgetting what day it is, I'm definitely feeling the break from the daily routine. I'm not sure what this summer will look like but right now I'm sad about not being able to celebrate the beginning of it with my students, I'm sad about not being able to celebrate their accomplishments, and the end of something great that we collectively achieved together.

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