• Amanda


When I was younger I ran track and never doubted my stamina. I just went for it, exhilarated by the challenge. And by pushing myself it allowed me to grow in new ways and win races that seemed impossible before. These days I never think I have much stamina but then 3 months of social distancing goes by and I realize it was there all along. Or 6 months of broken up sleep filled with night time breastfeeding sessions goes by and I look back and (groggily) wonder how I did it and I realize that stamina is there, quietly filling in the cracks of each day, helping to cement my perseverance through challenging times. Lately I am wondering about how I can create stamina to do the necessary anti racism work - I don't want privilege or time to weaken my motivation - but then I know I must and I can. I hope I will one day look back and feel proud of what I've accomplished.

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