Session 1: June 25 and Session 2: July 2 



Session 1 and 2: July 1 

Middle School & High School 


In our first session we will learn about monotype printmaking and how we can reuse “trash” materials to make something inspirational. We will look at the work of artist Vik Muniz before creating our printmaking plates with a variety of recyclable materials such as cardboard and plastic tops, mixed media materials, and hot glue. With our remaining time we will read Beautiful Oops and create a colorful collage with paper scraps, oil pastels, and markers. In the second session we will print our printmaking plate, then create a printmaking plate using styrofoam and print a series onto paper. 


Please register for Session 2 seperately if your student is in Elementary School. 


Class size: 4 students 


Monotype Printmaking Session 1 - Summer Art Sessions